Medicare Basics

What’s the Difference Between Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage? | Medicare Basics

Both Medicare Supplements (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage provide supplemental coverage. But which should you choose? Discover the differences in coverage between Medigap and Medicare Advantage.

What is Original Medicare? | Medicare Basics

Discover Original Medicare. Watch to find out more about Medicare Parts A and B, including the benefits of each part and how enrollment works.


What is Medicare Advantage? | Medicare Basics

Learn more about Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C. We unpack what you need to know about this popular alternative to Original Medicare.


What is a Medicare MSA Plan? | Medicare Basics

Medicare Medical Savings Account plans can be flexible, affordable options for many seniors. What should you know about Medicare MSA plans?


The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is open each year from October 15 to December 7. What options are available to you during this window? 
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